Austin Gyms Your Shopping Guide

Ok it’s that time of year, one of the most popular resolutions is always to get in shape and loose weight. So you may be gearing up to do some gym shopping. In the years I’ve lived in Austin I think I’ve been a member of just about every gym in this town. There are a few that I left simply because when I moved the location was no longer convenient, but they remain favorites in my list of Austin gyms. But shopping on the internet for gyms was a bit of a rat maze, I just wanted a simple guide of who, what and where oh and how much! Is that so much to ask.

So, having said that, here is your guide for Austin gyms – I hope this helps you get on track with your goals.

Local Austin Gyms

  • CG Arena Fitness – CG (Camp Gladiator) opened it’s doors in April 2012. It’s a really neat gym that focuses on group classes, but not your traditional classes, quite a bit of conditioning, circuit and more. But if you aren’t a group class person, don’t let that keep you away. They have a great weight room complete with kettlebells, smith machine, free weights and more.  Their spin classes, TRX classes and boxing classes are very popular. In addition they have an open field space for you to do sprints, tire flips, ropes, TRX and more. You may have seen the CG Bootcamps around town, same company. Great local feel, big on building community if you want, but if you want to just go use the weights and leave you can do that too.
  • Body Business – Body Business has two locations, one in North Austin at Anderson Lane (the original) and one in Westlake at Davenport Village. Body Business has been around for a long time, which makes many people feel good. This gym is great for those looking for a truly local comfortable atmosphere. In fact that is the main point they pride themselves on. It’s a good mix of weight machines and classes. They offer Spin, Pilates, Pilates Reformer, Yoga and more.
  • PURE Austin – I love PURE. They have two locations. One is downtown and one is at Quarry Lake. Fairly different vibes between the two locations, but still cater to the outdoor fitness type of person. A lot of cyclist, marathon runners etc tend to flock here, which isn’t me, but I never felt like I didn’t fit in. I loved it because everyone there was there to workout not play around and look cute which I loved. The Quarry Lake location has a trail around the lake, they also use the lake for practice swims etc, and they have a pool. Their facilities are top notch and classes are very good.
  • Wild Basin Fitness – Wild Basin has a Westlake location and a Steiner Ranch location. This gym has kicked it up several notches over the years and I would say they definitely rate with the gyms I mentioned above.

Here are some smaller boutique gyms that may interest you.

  • Premiere Lady Fitness – two locations one in Northwest Hills (by HEB) one at Westgate Blvd. Women only gym which appeals to some women.
  • John’s Gym – cool little gym that features TRX and Boxing, but quite a bit more.
  • Gym-One – a north Austin gym right on Anderson Lane, this is a smaller low key gym that has great strength training equipment, fair prices and a pretty good little facility.

Austin Franchise and Big Box Gyms

These are the ones that aren’t local but you may want them in your search criteria too

  • Anytime Fitness – this is one of those 24 hour type gyms, you get a key FOB and access round the clock. Good equipment and very low key. They are a franchise so each one is run a little different, some actually do have classes that trainers teach, but you usually have to pay extra for that.
  • 24 Hour Fitness – good for those looking for an very economical gym as they run specials and you can usually haggle a better price. But overall it is what it is, a big box gym. Don’t expect a lot of bells and whistles and that local feel.
  • Golds Gym – Good for those that need multiple locations all over the city because of their schedule etc – very similar to 24 Hour though.
  • Lifetime Fitness – two locations, one in North Austin, one in South Austin. More of a country club feel. Good family and kids programs. Can be a little pricey for singles as they offer better family plans. But those that go here tend to love it! Great pool area.

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