Austin Dining Goes Airstream

Airstreams prove to be very versatile and popular in the Austin restaurant scene.
trailerparkYou may have noticed more and more airstream and trailers popping up in Austin that serve everything from tacos to cup cakes.

Taco trailers have always been a special “whole in the wall” dining experience. But Austenites are now seeing “trailer dining” becoming a prominent part of our culture and dining lists.

Most Austinites first fell in love with the air stream dining when Hey Cupcake made it’s way onto the Austin scene. Since then we have seen a variety of dining experiences from hot dogs to crepes to tacos to chicken and waffles.

In a way it makes perfect sense, in tough economic times how much overhead is there with an airstream? Can’t be much. And in a city such as Austin where we value the appeal of homes on the open road, they really aren’t out of place at all. Their success proves their acceptance into the diverse dining world. A South Austin Trailer and Dining Park has even been developed to house such iconic dining spots.

Historically – this would have been regulated to the “SoCo” (South Congress) area of town. But as you will see many of these spots are in a variety of neighborhoods and areas. One more way Austin maintains its community driven mindset.

Does the air stream dining appeal or interest you – below are some “restaurants” that have found their home on wheels.

Hey Cupcake
Torchy’s Tacos
Shuggie’s Hamburgers & Shakes
Flip Happy Crepes
Lucky J’s Chicken n Waffles
Izzoz Tacos
Chris’ Little Chicago
Lulu B’s Sandwiches

For a more complete list of trailer dining experiences visit Austin Yelp.