Brunching in Austin

Weekend brunching in Austin is a serious event! This town has it down and there are certainly a variety of places I call mine as far as favorites go. Then there are the tourist trap spots (ahem Magnolia, Kirbey Lane) which I avoid at all cost. I love discovering new spots all the time, whether they be new to Austin or just new to me.

So why is brunch such a big deal here, well to be honest it doesn’t force us to get out of the house too early. You’ll notice one common thread amongst your local Austinites, we like to stay out late and sleep in at every opportunity! This is probably the reason I don’t run marathons, they get up and run at the crack of dawn…well that’s one reason.  Anyway, brunch is a time you can get together with your friends and family and branch out of your dinner out routine. And the great thing with our brunch spots is it gets you out of the pancake and eggs routine as well.

Favorite Austin Brunch Spots

in no particular order

*The Steeping Room – at the Domain in North Austin, and now at 45th St in the north part of central Austin. I finally got around to visiting this spot and I can’t believe it took me so long. This place is wonderful! A large menu with a variety of items. This weekend I enjoyed the tomato, spinach and goat cheese omelet, it came with a scone (I chose spiced apricot) and I chose fresh fruit as my side. You also have the option of salad and potatoes. The tea menu is extensive to say the least, you are served a full pot! If tea isn’t your thing I hear their french pressed coffee is wonderful and they have some other beverage options. I can’t wait to go here for lunch, and afternoon tea, and dinner, and dessert and and and. Needless to say this is a new favorite for me. PS get the scones, you won’t be disappointed. And it wouldn’t hurt to make reservations, gets crowded.

*South Congress Cafe– Located in the popular SoCo neighborhood, this is a long time favorite of mine.  They will change the menu ever so often but right now my favorite dish is the eggs benedict with crab cakes (instead of english muffin). Delicious! In fact the last time I was their my friend changed his order to match mine. Great atmosphere, of course the location is wonderful as you can walk that large brunch off and visit some shops afterwards.

*Cantigo– this is also a new favorite to me. It’s located over by Mueller Airport and is really tucked away so don’t just try to happen upon it. The menu is very different from your traditional brunch – I think they even had a breakfast salad. So picking something off of such an eclectic menu was a little hard, I finally asked my server what he’d pick – he picked the beef tongue and egg hash – the only thing I had not picked. I was so glad he did, it was delicious and everyone said next time they were getting that! It’s outdoor seating and they have an area they cover and zip in if the weather is bad, but just keep that in mind. We went on a cold day and we were fine.

*Chez Zee – tucked away in one of my favorite neighborhoods, Highland Park West, this is an oldy but a goody. It makes it to every list every human that has ever written on this topic makes. But there is a reason, it really is a great brunch spot you can take just about anyone too. Even picky Aunt Hester. They are known for their creme brulee french toast, but it’s a bit heavy for me, one bite is plenty. I prefer their omelets. It’s a large space, but remember it’s on everyone’s list, plan accordingly!

These are just a few of my top brunch spots, what are your favorites? I’m always looking to expand my list and try some new spots – even if they aren’t new to Austin.

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