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Fun Things to Do in Austin, The Bat Sunset Cruise

Sometimes you just have to be a tourist in your own town! I tend to avoid the tourist traps so to speak, but really they can often be a novelty thing to do. So last night I headed out to the sunset tour on the lake to see the bats. Now being a long time […]

New Station and New Studio for Austin’s KUT

Austin’s public broadcasting station, KUT, launched a new radio station on January 2nd. KUT is now news and talk and the new KUTX is all music. They sort of took one great party and divided it into two. Of course there were a few that grumbled about the change, but for the most part many […]

Austin Gyms Your Shopping Guide

Ok it’s that time of year, one of the most popular resolutions is always to get in shape and loose weight. So you may be gearing up to do some gym shopping. In the years I’ve lived in Austin I think I’ve been a member of just about every gym in this town. There are […]

Buy Local for the Holidays

Gift giving time, and what in the world should I get everyone, well let’s run down to the mall and figure it out. Or you can get a variety of gifts from local spots and really help out your community and your local business. Hear me out on this. Whenever you shop at a chain […]

New Barton Creek Farmers Market in North Austin

Sunday I got a chance to go check out the new Barton Creek Farmer’s Market at Highland Mall in North Austin. Many have come to know and love the Barton Creek Farmer’s Market in South Austin at the Barton Creek Mall, that one is held each Saturday. But for those that live in north Austin […]