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Financial Shape Up to Buy Your New Home

Interested in buying a home in Austin or the surrounding communities? Thinking of getting a loan to make this dream come true? Then let’s discuss credit reports. We all have a dream list, and let’s be honest it often takes money and time for those dreams to come true. When buying your home it takes […]

How you can help Haiti

As most realize, Haiti was hit hard by an earthquake yesterday leaving the area in ruins and devastation. On my website I support an organization called Makarios. Makarios provides education and support to those in the Haitian areas. It also provides land for fair trade coffee cultivation. Last night as the earthquakes were shaking the […]

Happy Fall Austin Texas

We’ve really been fortunate to get some great weather this fall and great fall foliage. I’ve taken to carrying my smaller camera with me in my purse, nothings worse than seeing something that’s worth capturing and only having your phone with you. “Nothings worse?” well ok that’s an overstatement, but you get the jist. So […]