Rosas Cafe Now in Cedar Park

Rosas Cafe is now in Cedar Park – which for a west Texas girl is the equivalent of saying the IRS has just decided you’re immune from Taxes for the next 10 years. In other words YIPEEEEEE!!!

Rosas is a west Texas pride and joy. I haven’t lived in Midland since I was 18 – a little less than 20 years – and Rosa’s is one of those places that when I go back to visit it’s the first place I stop at when I get there and the last place I go before leaving. I think I was in the fourth or fifth grade when Rosa’s literally built a restaurant on my block. I would walk down and get tortillas twice a week. Tortillas in a west Texas family is a basic staple of life. And a good west Texan doesn’t settle for store bought, you either made your own or you bought them from a restaurant or someone that made them. When I left Midland that was one of the sad things about Bryan College Station, no good spots to buy tortillas. Ironically, a few years after I left BCS they got a Rosas, which I’m still bitter about.

The news spread quickly when owner Bobby Cox decided to finally bring our beloved Rosa’s to the Austin area, specifically Cedar Park. Many Austinites don’t realize this but Bobby Cox actually kept several Schlotzky’s from falling into ruin by buying up a large part of that franchise.

So after listing a home in Cedar Park yesterday I did the only sensible thing there was to do, headed straight to Rosa’s and bought enough food to feed an army, or feed me for three days. So hope Austin enjoys the treat, and if you don’t well then more for me! It’s located just off the 183 toll road on FM 1431, east of Target (1509 E Whitestone Blvd), can’t miss it.

First of all the carrot cake is insanely good, you can easily share it with someone because it’s huge – that is if you’re in the sharing mood. And then you have the basics meat or bean burrito, which aren’t huge burritos about the size of a slightly large soft taco. And another favorite is the chicken fajita with guacamole. Of course there’s the queso, mmmm good. Ok now I’m hungry, guess what’s for lunch?