From Estate Homes to Estate Inns

Hyde Park B&B

Austin is home to some of the most interesting Estate Homes that have recently become Estate Inn’s and Bed and Breakfasts.

It’s no secret Central Texas has a variety of popular bed and breakfast locations. Austin Texas is no stranger to this quaint concept. As a favorite tourism spot amongst Texans and an increasing national hot spot more and more historic estate homes are being remolded and made into some of the most original and recognized inn’s and B&B’s.

Hotel St Cecilia  in Austin Texas

Hotel St Cecilia in Austin Texas

Recently popular blogs such as Apartment Therapy – a Los Angeles based home decorating blog – wrote a piece on the Hotel Saint Cecilia. This large private estate home has been remolded to welcome the classic plantation style with the urban city style in a seamless manner. Located in the popular “SoCo” area – the estate has attracted patrons of Austin’s music and art scene. The inn itself shows these strong art influences throughout.

The historical district of Hyde Park has also made it’s name in the B&B world. Popular websites such as have categorized many popular and beautiful homes such as Hyde Park’s found Col. Monroe Martine Shipe’s estate.

From the quaint to the luxurious, such as The Mansion at Judges HIll, estates find value in the bed and breakfast/inn industry more and more each year.