Austin Farmer’s Market in Rosedale

Rosedale is a quaint neighborhood around 45th and Burnet. The central Austin area is known for its lush tree lined streets and craftsman style homes. There has always been a good amount of places to shop and eat in teh area, but lately there are even more.

One of my favorite hot spots in the Rosedale area has become the Wednesday night farmer’s market. Now I love and highly support local farmer’s markets. It’s a great way to not only support local business, but stock up on REAL food. High quality food that is currently in season and not shipped in from New Zealand or where have you.

Some of my favorite stands are:

  • The tamale stand: lard free tamales! I opened the wrap and this white fluffy tamale emerged. Not orange and greasy and compacted like you normally see. The company is called Gardner’s Feast. Right now I can only find them at the farmer’s markets.
  • Texas French Bread – of course you can always go to one of their shops, but I’m here they’re here…mideaswell buy some fresh bread. Besides from what I’m reading lately fresh breads are the few contenders in the non processed world.
  • Full English – British food in south Austin? Why not? They have a stand at the market. I had the meat and potato pasty (pastry) it was fantastic!
  • The Plant lady – she has started a great collection from cuttings and roots. She’s new to the market and loves to educate those that are interested. She beats Lowe’s any day.

Of course the selection of fresh veggies and fruits is a huge plus. And it’s interesting talking to the vendors that often have some unique and unusual selections. By no means is this a large farmer’s market. In fact it’s one of the smallest I’ve seen, so if you want a larger one the downtown Saturday market or Sunset Valley Saturday market may be more your speed. But this is by far the most convenient in time and location for me.

The market meets at the Triangle (46th and Lamar) each Wednesday from 4pm to 8pm.
There is a garage nearby you can park in. I suggest you bring cash and a bag.

Austin Farmer’s Market