Cherrywood Art Fair in East Austin

This past weekend I went to the annual Cherrywood Art Fair in East Austin. The fair is held each holiday season – December – at Maplewood Elementary School on East 38 1/2 Street.  Many know this neighborhood as Cherrywood, the area lies just east of the UT campus and the hospital district. It’s a cool little area with a blend of personalities and culture in a very convenient central location.

It’s been a few years since I’ve been able to make it out to the Cherrywood Art Fair, I’m really glad I got to go this year. It was even bigger than I remembered, and there were some great artists, vendors, music and food. In fact several of the artist and vendors I have spotted at other fairs and have become my favorites. The food was great too, they had several food trucks, including one of my favorites The Gardner’s Feast, which is an organic tamale vendor.

Favorite Vendors at Cherrywood Art Fair:

  • MAKE ATX – this was one of the most entertaining shops, they had these great coasters that had mistaken song lyrics on them, you know like “hold me closer Tony Danza” and “the age of asparagus” – we laughed and laughed and I could have stood there half the day loving these lyrics. Highly recommend for a unique gift idea

  • Meow Kapow – I’ve spotted them at the Austin Flea and other fairs, they make these really cool journals and books from old pattens, comic books, old school books or children’s books. They also make coasters, bottle openers etc out of the same material.
  • Little Low Studio – I spotted this artist on a blog from someone that doesn’t even live in Texas, small world the internets. She makes these great calendars and stationary that is very simple and tasteful. I really like her style and tracked down her etsy shop. Found out she’s right here in Austin. Check out her calendars and more.
  • M.Schopper Ceramics – I briefly did pottery, so I know how difficult the craft is. This woman’s ceramics are absolutely gorgeous. She and her husband hand make everything and do their own glazes. Simply stunning.

  • Lindsay Designs – Lindsay makes handmade glass jewelry, beads, art and even the cutest hair clips and bobby pins I’ve seen. I absolutely loved her stuff, I found myself picking up item after item saying “oh wow, oh this is great, I love this”. Check out her art and jewelry and definitely the hair pins!

Cherrywood Art Fair Photos


Cherrywood Fair Video

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