Deck Improvement, Security and Safety

Deck Improvements

Wood Lattice vs Stainless Steel Mesh

Adding a deck to your home can be a big improvement and add value to your property, however, if not done properly it can also be a hazard and a source of worry.

Usually a deck sits up relatively high from the ground leaving a good sized crawl space. This can be a problem. Not only can children crawl under but so can animals. In addition dry leaves and brush can also gather or grow under your deck causing an oder and a fire hazard.

Deck Meshing

When I had my deck built the builders used the usual wooden lattice to “seal” the bottom. The problem is it has fairly large holes that allow leaves and animals to bury themselves under my deck. I would even spot holes underneath the lattice where animals were digging under. I knew this would not be a forever so


Then the day came where I felt confident a dead animal was under my deck. I’ll skip the gory part and cut to the chase, a family of dead possums were under my deck!

Deck Stainless Steel Mesh

My sainted handyman Butch with LC Austin Construction, came to my rescue. He tore off the existing lattice, cleaned out the underneath (what a horror show, poor man) and built a screen that is basically indestructible. Stainless steel wire mesh, BOLTED and TRENCHED so nothing can get in!!!!

As you can see from the photos this baby is now secured, nothing is getting in. Look at the difference between that and the puny wooden lattice.

So here’s a project for you, well worth the money and time.

An example of the mesh can be seen hereĀ


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