East Austin Coffee Shop Cafe Mundi Says Goodbye

East Austin’s Cafe Mundi, located on East 5th St, will soon close it’s doors. The cited reason is failed lease negotiations. The popular east side coffee shop has become home to many Austinites looking for a comfortable and eclectic spot to put their feet up and relax. But after eleven years the owners of Cafe Mundi will call a different location home. They are actively looking for a new location.

The coffee shop will remain open during Austin’s largest art festival, SXSW. During the week of SXSW they will host many parties and events, giving fans and patrons of the cafe a chance to have one last hoorah at the loved East 5th street location. But both Jessica Nieri and Hans Dietrich, Cafe Mundi’s owners, assure their patrons that this will not be the end of Cafe Mundi, just a new beginning. Owner’s recently told <em>The Austinist </em>that “[they] do not see this as an end, but as a new beginning.”

Cafe Mundi isn’t just a coffee shop. It’s a huge part of the culture and arts community of <a href=””>East Austin</a>. Many east side events, such as the East Austin Studio Tour and east side farmer’s market, are promoted and supported by Cafe Mundi. So where will the new Cafe Mundi call home, we will all have to wait and see. In the meantime soak in the last remaining days of the popular East 5th street location.