East Austin Studio Tour

East Austin Studio Tour, 2010

November 13-21

Event is free, though donations are accepted

This year will be the 9th year of the highly successful East Austin Studio Tour – E.A.S.T. The tour is a celebration of the art and culture that characterizes the area of East Austin.

The event spans over a week and celebrates over 300 artist. Over 150 studios contribute to the tour giving visitors a wide variety of options to choose from. Of course its a great time to explore the unique area of Austin, but its also a time to reach past our daily world and learn about some of the fantastic culture and art that is minutes from our doorstep.

One great feature is during the weekend you can visit the studio spaces where the artist work. That opportunity runs from 11am – 6pm. After 6pm (weekends) is when “Happenings” take place. Happenings is a time in which performance pieces are put on for visitors. There’s also a portion of the event called “Furthermore” and it’s basically everything that doesn’t fit in Happenings and the tour. It’s a compilation of events, food and fun.

The East Austin Studio Tour online catalog isn’t the easiest to read online, but it can get you pointed in the right direction. My advice is to pick a few events or play it by ear and go on the days and times that work best for you, you’re sure to enjoy yourself and stumble upon some great art and culture.

You can also pick up catalogs and maps at:

  • Whole Foods – Downtown
  • East Side Pies (1401 B Rosewood Ave)
  • Hot Mama’s (2401 East 6th)
  • Domy Books (913) E Cesar Chavez
  • Women & Their Work (1710 Lavaca)
  • Big Medium (5305 Bolm Rd)