Experiencing Local Art at EAST

It’s been a few years since I hoofed it over to east Austin to do the East Austin Studio Tour – EAST. But this year the weather was just so perfect and there were some artists I really wanted to see and visit so I decided it was definitely going to happen! I’m really glad I did. I went the low key route, which was to pick a couple of large spots and hit them, rather than trying to hit all the small venues that are separated from each other.

The first venue I hit was the main spot at E Bolm Rd, this set of studios is host to Big Medium who puts on the event. There were some great artist there that I had never seen, I had visited this location several weeks prior to EAST for a pre EAST showing so I was a little familiar with it. (number 97 on the EAST map

One of my favorite artist was Brian Phillips (all I can find is his Facebook page,, I saw his work at several locations so I’m not sure what station was his main spot. He incorporates wood and various materials such as license plates, beer caps etc to form his work. I noticed a lot of artists breaking away from the traditional canvas by using wood instead. There was even a photographer that had her photos on wood instead of photo paper.

Handmade Furniture at Artpost

In fact if you head over to Artpost Austin, another favorite spot of mine, you’ll get to see more than painters and photographers, you’ll get to see master craftsman at work with furniture, cabinetry, and more. 4704 E Ceaser Chavez, #119 on map. You’ll also get a chance to grab a shirt of KONG Screen Printing. Say hi to Ryan while you’re there, pick out your favorite shirt (they are so soft) and a design and they’ll make it for you right there on the spot.

While you’re at Artpost check out HELM – amazing boots and more, very different, I think the owner came here from Oregon.

Sadly, I have a lot of photos that didn’t turn out – so you’ll just have to go check it all out for yourself!

If you aren’t able to go this year but would love to experience a local art festival, Big Medium will be hosting WEST, West Austin Studio Tour, May 19th & 20th

Favorite Artists From EAST

  • Ryan Ayres
  • Julie Stansberry
  • HELM
  • Tina Schweiger
  • Kevin Greenblat
  • Sarah St Laurent

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