Four Common Mistakes When Searching for Your Dream Home

Four Common Mistakes When Searching for Your Dream Home

When I purchased my home I looked for 2 weeks, bam house under contract moving on! Why was it so easy? Well years of experience, of watching buyers torture themselves when looking for a home, buyers making really simple and easy to avoid mistakes when searching for their dream home.Home Buying Mistakes

There are a lot of mistakes, but I’ll narrow it down to 4 easy to avoid mistakes.

1. Focusing on the aesthetics. Don’t like that paint color, the flowers in front of the house are too blah or not blah enough? House has carpet, doesn’t have carpet? These are all things that can change, when your house is on the market you don’t want buyers to pass it up because you chose bamboo instead of carpet, so don’t put yourself into the same mind set. Make the home your own. Location, floor plan and condition are things that are far more important than that salmon colored wall in the bedroom.

2. I want a home with a pool! This tends to come up with buyers that are from out of state. Anyone who has lived in central Texas can tell you it’s expensive to put in and maintain a pool, this is why they aren’t common in our real estate market. And usually my clients that get a pool learn the hard way, that sucker is expensive to maintain! I try to tell buyers this when they are searching, they are skeptical about the things I say. But trust me, location, floor plan and condition are still far more important than a pool.

3. But, it doesn’t have xyz countertops. I put xyz in there because for the longest the complaint was that it didn’t have granite countertops, I’m starting to hear other kinds of countertops as that trend morphs into a new trend. Silestone, wood, marble on and on. Remember location, floor plan and condition. If a house has these three things going for it, forgive it for not having the kind of countertops you may want to day….and may not want 5 years from now.

4. There isn’t a fireplace!! Now I often hear this with first time home buyers, my seasoned home buyers will jokingly admit “it’s Texas, we don’t use a fireplace”! And it’s true, you’ll get to use that fireplace less than 5 times a year, is that really worth giving up a great home that has primo location, amazing floor plan and is in tip top condition for the price you want?

Now let’s say something is VERY important to you – what are you willing to compromise to get that three care garage, or that upgraded kitchen, that private office? All of those are features that have great resell value, and yes when you are searching for a home you need to be mindful of resell value!

It’s easy to add a pool (though costly) and easy to change countertops and paint. But some features either come with the house or don’t! So what’s your compromising points? That’s where a buyer orientation is crucial. I offer all of my new clients a chance to sit down with me and identify the make it or break it items, this proves very useful down the road when we inevitably start getting off track.

Location – Floor Plan – Condition!
Far more important and much harder to change! 

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