Fun Things to Do in Austin, The Bat Sunset Cruise

Sometimes you just have to be a tourist in your own town! I tend to avoid the tourist traps so to speak, but really they can often be a novelty thing to do.

Austin BatsSo last night I headed out to the sunset tour on the lake to see the bats. Now being a long time Austinite it was a tad annoying listening to this ‘tour guide’ mangle some details for those listening, but eh I can get past that. Some people avoid doing things like this in the summer because of the heat, but really it’s a great time as the temperature and breeze on the water is fantastic!

The tour line we used was Capital Cruises – you can park over at the Hyatt Hotel if you’d like, have a cocktail and snack at the bar and bring your drink with you or finish it up there. This is a family friendly cruise so you may have a little one or two on the boat with you, and for your parents you can rest assured that they are welcome to come along.Austin Sunset Bat Tour

The bats are a tad unpredictable, the “captain” takes off around 6:45 or 7pm in the summer months and the bats fly out when they are good and ready. The fly to the east when the sun sets, I think this time around they took off around 7:15 or so. In the meantime the captain does meander around Town Lake a bit (sorry, I can’t get used to calling it Lady Bird Lake) and gives you some random bits of trivia here and there, some may or may not be correct, take it with a grain of salt and enjoy the view.

So sit back and enjoy the bats, what are some of your favorite tourist activities to do in this city?

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