Help! Decluttering a Home to Sell

The Austin housing market is HOT as are many housing markets right now! Why? Because we have quite a bit more buyers than we do sellers which means our housing inventory is low. It’s actually been this way since 2013! This means as a seller you can jump literally while the iron is hot. But even if we were in a buyer’s market (meaning more inventory than buyers) selling your home is a process and not something that you will just jump into overnight. One of the main reasons sellers take a while to get ready is they realize how cluttered their home is. This often prevents some from even putting their home on the market, they are completely overwhelmed. 

There are services out there like Unstuck Living (, that will help with this process. But you also have the power to declutter your home and in turn declutter your life! Think about how much easier it will be to dust, sweep and mop when you don’t have to move a ton of stuff!!! Here are some tips on how to declutter your home, whether you want to sell or just live a more harmonious life.

Paper clutter can often be one of the biggest issues in a home.

How to get started decluttering your home.

  1. Get some boxes and / or bags to hold the items you need to give away or organize.
  2. Either go room by room or category by category. For example, do you want to declutter certain items like books first or tackle a room like the living room?
  3. After you’ve gone through each room once, make a list of organizing bins you should purchase for the items you’ll be keeping. 
  4. Box and bag the items you will be getting rid of and bag the items that will be going to the trash.

TIP: You can purchase inexpensive organizing bins from places like Dollar Tree, or even look at Facebook Marketplace. I’ve gotten nice wire bins and baskets for just a few bucks!

Baskets and bins can instantly organize and keep items organized!

Places to donate / sell the items you decluttered.

  1. Buy nothing groups –
  2. Local women’s / children’s shelter
  3. Dress for success programs
  4. Thrift stores that support a charity
  5. Reach out to family & friends, often they would love your hand me downs!
  6. Yard sale – community yard sale
  7. Sell on OfferUp, CraigsList, Facebook MarketPlace
  8. Sell items such as phones or tablets on Swappa
  9. Sell sporting goods to shops like Play it Again Sports or donate to a local afters school program
  10. List items on FreeCycle or Next Door
  11. Does your neighborhood have a Google group?

Tip: You can even put items on the curb with a “FREE” sign and watch as things magically disappear!

Clear surfaces and less clutter makes cleaning easier!

Things to consider when decluttering and organizing your home.

  1. Find out when your neighborhood bulk trash pickup occurs.
  2. Consider taking filmy plastic bags to a recycle center (grocery stores usually have a bin for this)
  3. Take electronics to a store like Best Buy or Target for recycling or a recycle center
  4. Shred papers for the trash or take to a shredding place
  5. Contact a pharmacy about expired medicines
  6. Some sports shops will recycle tennis shoes
  7. Some animal shelters will take blankets, towels and sheets that still have plenty of life in them
  8. Some items may fetch a few bucks, look it up on Facebook Marketplace first to see if anyone else is selling similar items.

Here is the biggest tip of all. Set a timer and take it one step at a time. Don’t get overwhelmed. If it takes you a month, two months…so be it! Often we get stuck because we are overwhelmed. And if after some time you find that it’s too much, call a friend that is good at organizing, or an organization that specializes in this. There is no shame in asking or hiring help!!

If you would like some direction on getting your home ready to sell in the Austin area market, give me a call and we can put a plan in action!

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