Jester King Brewery

Jester King BreweryJester King Brewery is a local brewery located in the southwest portion of Austin near Dripping Springs¬†and Oak Hill. It’s feels as if it’s in the middle of no where, for now, though knowing Austin the area will develop faster than most of us expect. It’s the best of Texas incorporating the tradition of craft brewery with the hill country.

It felt so laid back and relaxed when we visited that it reminded me of what Austin used to be before the crowds and parking issues.

The set up is simple – loads of areas to hang out in, kid friendly, dog friendly, food, drinks, areas to play and fresh air!

Tips for a fun day at Jester King Brewery:

  • Don’t worry about brining your own food – in fact they encourage you not to. There is an awesome pizza vendor there, cupcakes and more.
  • If beer isn’t your thing, there are other drinks.
  • If you want to bring a kite, or frisbee or other fun recreational activities, go for it!
  • You can bring your dog – as long as they are well behaved with other dogs
  • If you want to lounge in the field areas bring a blanket
  • The entry is a dirt road, if you are concerned about your car, bring a different vehicle
  • You can buy bottles of water or get little cups of water, but next time I think a reusable water bottle will be much better and less waste!

For more info please visit Jester King Brewery Austin Texas

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