The Metropolitan Opera in Lakway?

The Metropolitan Opera strikes some of its best performances in the hill country of Texas.

Though technically the Metropolitan Opera will not physically be in Lakeway, we do have access to them via the Cinnemark Hill Country Galleria. Confused yet? A few years back the Met created a new way to bring art to the masses, The Metropolitan Opera HD Live and once the Galleria brought in Cinnemark, it became our local outlet for The Met HD. Now that may sound odd and feel like a sad second fiddle to the real thing, but think about the quality an IMAX film is versus a regular film, well same concept applies.

The series has become very popular and has won a Peabody and Emmy. This will be Met HD’s fifth season. Most performances are not in 3D, but rater HD and are really fantastic. Plus what a great way to bring a truly loved Opera group to town and keep it affordable for fans, students and those that may be curious about an operatic performance.

Upcoming Performances can easily be found on Austin’s 360’s site – I found their site more helpful than the actual Cinnemark site itself. Make sure you look under Bee Cave as technically it’s listed as Bee Cave rather than Lakeway or Austin, but us locals know the difference right? I highly recommend their performances of Iphigénie en Tauride which features Plácido Domingo and Susan Graham, or Lucia di Lammermoor and Trovatore. Oddly enough they are doing Carmen in 3D which I’m intrigued, I grew up with the music of Carmen in our house as it’s my mother’s favorite opera, but 3D? I’ll let you know.

To view the promotional video for their 5th season visit here –

If you’d like more information on the Lakeway area, feel free to contact me.