Makarios International Austin Texas

MakariosMarkarios International is a non profit organization founded by Sharla Megilligan in 2004 as a faith based organization that focuses on the educational development in the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Makarios International and Dominican Joe Coffee Shop | Austin Texas

Through life changing efforts the organization has also been able to address other needs within the two communities by assisting in medical and business needs. One large business effort came with the development of Dominican Joe Coffee Shop. Through the partnership of Makarios, Dominican Joe works with the farming communities of the Dominican Republic to provide high quality coffee for sale here in Austin Texas. Dominican Joe Coffee Shop Austin Texas

Through this partnership, a farming community resulting in the use of 350 acres of ecological reserve land was created for the planting and manufacturing of the fair trade coffee used and sold in the coffee shop. This allows local farmers to continue in their trade contributing to the financial growth and stability of the communities of the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

The Makarios School

The Makarios School is a sponsor based program. For $80 a month you can sponsor a child to receive not only a quality education but are also provided food, vitamins and medical care. The schools foundations date back three years before it’s inception in the fall of 2007, and it continues to grow each year touching the lives of those in the community and the families of each child.

To learn more about sponsorship information or Makarios International please visit Makarios International.