Clean Air Lawn Care Comes Back to Austin

Clean Air Lawn CareA few years ago a friend of mine brought the Colorado based business, Clean Air Lawn Care, franchise here to Austin. He contacted me and asked if I’d give them a chance. Their prices were competitive so why not? I’m glad I did. I have always been very happy with the results of their work.

What Makes Clean Air Lawn Care so “Clean”?

Solar Power MowersFor one they don’t use gas powered mowers. Their electric equipment is charged during the day by solar panels mounted on their trucks. The mowers are charged overnight with wind power.

Any emissions associated with powering their biodiesel equipment or driving their trucks are offset with verified vehicle emissions offsets purchased from This reduces their mowing services net emissions to zero. *

And if they are competitive in price and get the job done well – why not use them?

Quick facts about the average lawn mower and it’s contribution to air pollution and it’s use of gasoline.

Did you know:*

According to the EPA, in 1 hour, 1 gas lawn mower:

  • Pollutes the same as 40 late model cars
  • Emits the same amount of hydrocarbons (precursors to ground-level ozone) as a SUV driven 23,600 miles
  • Contribute 93 times more smog-forming emissions that 2006 cars

Gas lawn mowers consume 580 million gallons of gasoline annually

The reason these statistics were staggering to me is I along with most really never gave much thought to what mowing my lawn was doing to the environment. And I never stopped to think of how much gasoline, which is becoming a valuable resource, uses.

Currently Clean Air Lawn operates here in Austin and in Dallas as far as Texas goes, but they are also located in various locations around the state. To see if there is a Clean Air Lawn near you visit their locations page.

To get an estimate on their lawn please go here and fill out a form.


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