Creative, affordable and different. A unique twist on holiday gifts.

There are always those people in our lives that are extremely hard to buy for. Usually it’s because they have everything, and if they don’t have it they can easily buy it so buying it for them doesn’t feel quite as special.

I love buying unique and different gifts. I’m not much of a do it yourself. Some are, and to be honest I’d rather just buy from those that are. Purchasing all of the supplies alone will take a fortune and a large chunk of my time, no thanks. But perusing a good local shop or some online sources is easy and affordable these days.

For instance a new addition to Austin is the Arthouse at the Jones Center ), no relation. Recently the art house has added an online store so you can actually purchase artwork wherever you are online. Now some of the artwork wouldn’t necessarily fit into the “affordable” section of this post – but they have a large selection of recycled glass that has been molded into some very unique and beautiful pieces of art. Each piece is about $75 and would make a great gift for the art lover that likes different pieces directly from the artist, not copies.

Another source I go to often is Etsy ( In fact many people know friends and family that sell on Etsy these days. If you’re not familiar with the site, it’s a source to purchase hand made or unique pieces directly from the craftsmen themselves. From artwork to jewelry to unusual plants and furniture. You can even buy food items such as custom flavored lollipops. With thousands of online vendors it’s easy to find affordable gifts.

Local farmer’s markets and gift bazaars are another source of unique shopping experiences. Often farmer’s markets will sell more than food items, however, food items could be a great gift choice too! And with local bazaars such as Austin’s Blue Genie (, you not only support local artist but you often get to meet the artist too and talk to them about their talented gifts.

There are loads of other sources to look past, you just have to get creative. Shopping at large commercial stores is easy but at times frustrating and un fulfilling. So shop creatively and shop locally if you can. Think of that hard to buy for friend or family and see just how easy it can be for once!

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