Farmer’s Market Gets the Boot by AISD

Sunset Valley Farmer’s Market will loose their lease this year at the Toney Burger Activity Center. The parking lot is actually owned by Austin Independent School district, the district says it will not renew the lease for the weekend market. The district feels having the market there each Saturday has a potential to cause scheduling conflicts and limit when students can use the facility. They are working closely with the city of Sunset Valley to finalize the plans on a new location for the market.

The city of Sunset Valley met earlier this month to determine and vote on a new location. If all goes well the market’s new home will be just north of where they are now in a city lot along US 290. The market owners don’t seem to be worried, they feel the new space is larger and could be a more permanent solution. However, many vendors are sad to say goodbye to the original location and worry that the new location won’t have enough parking nor be as easy to get in an out.

The market is a great weekend spot for Austinites. Around 170,000 people shop at the market each year. It provides a variety of goods from fresh baked bread to produce to jewelry and art.