Going Green with Used Books

Recycled Reads contributes to Austin’s continued efforts to go green.

recycledreadsUsed bookstores are by no means a new concept. And I for one have always treasured the local used book shop. Growing up in Midland, Texas I fondly remember my mother and I buying and trading our books at Friends of the Library. It was such a great shop – all used books that went or came from the local library. Not only was it a great way to save money but you could help out the local library as well.

When I moved to Austin I was surprised that I couldn’t find a similar shop. Instead the closest thing I could find was the national chain of Half Price Books. Which, though great, at times could get pricey.

But I have now found a gem – by word of “facebook” no less. The Austin Public Library has opened a great little shop called Recycled Reads. Books that aren’t sold are then donated to Books Beyond Borders, a local non profit that supplies books and education material to third world countries.

If you are an avid reader on a tight budget this may be just as much the perfect solution for you as it is for me. Enjoy!