Habitat ReStore, Helping You Remodel on a Dime and Reduce Waste

Have you ever thought of where all the materials and discarded items from a remodel go, even a new construction home? Sadly they typically go into the landfill. Now I was taught to wash out my ziplock bags when I was growing up, so the idea of perfectly good items such as stoves, windows and more being dumped is insane to me. Not to mention the impact it has on our already crowded landfills!

Given that I sell homes in Austin, I see a lot of homes that are in desperate need of remodeling. However, times are tighter these days and my clients don’t always have the money to hire contractors or spend too much at stores like Home Depot etc. What if they could get their materials or appliances second hand for a deeply discounted rate?

Habitat ReStore does just that. Here’s how it works. Building materials and appliances that are in working condition, just unwanted or needed, are donated tax free to a ReStore supply house. They are then cleaned up, priced and sold to the general public. All proceeds go to Habitat For Humanity. Here’s the kicker, often builders or suppliers will find themselves with a surplus of things like ceiling fans, garage doors, carpet etc. Rather than toss them or let them sit, they can donate them to Habitat ReStore where then in turn you can buy them at an incredibly discounted rate!

Some stores even have items such as planters and gardening items – they can help you get really creative. I saw a clip of someone building a green house using recycled windows from ReStore!

Habitat ReStores can be found across the nation. In Austin it can be found at 310 Comal St or by calling (512) 478-2165. Given supplies are based on donations I would call if you are looking for something specific.

For other HabiatStores please visit