Landscaping with Heat Tolerant Plants

Landscaping with heat tolerant plants can help in the efforts of selling your home in the midst of the Texas summer.

Cherry Red Petunias

Cherry Red Petunias

Selling your home in the midst of the Texas summer? Landscaping is a vital part of keeping that curb appeal high, but wilted plants can have the opposite affect. Buyer’s can be turned off when they pull up to a house that has wilted or dead landscaping. Not only does it affect the beauty of the home but it sends a negative message about the seller. Is this a seller that doesn’t take care of his or her home? Yikes! But let’s be honest, a day or two of rain a month isn’t really helping the gardeners cause here. Plus when you’re selling your home you have enough on your plate to do than add a rigorous watering schedule. In addition no one wants their water bill to be sky high! Thus the introduction of the heat tolerant / drought tolerant plant.

Even large commercial nursery’s such as Lowe’s and Home Depot have a wide selection of plants clearly labeled “heat tolerant” or “drought tolerant”. When you think of drought tolerant plants your mind may immediately go to succulents, which though beautiful in my opinion, can be very pricey to buy in large quantities and in mature stages of growth. And the last thing you want to put on your to do list is purchase plants that are going to break the bank.

And remember to mulch whatever you choose to plant – this will help retain moisture and prevent the constant need to water!

Instead look around to some of the bushes and perennials that are much more accommodating to the wallet. Below is a list to get you started.

Butterfly Weed

Butterfly Weed

  • Cherry Red Petunias – Labeled Texas’ new superstar
  • Adenium Obesum – Native to Africa – African plants are a great source of heat & drought tolerant plants – duh, it’s Africa!
  • Salvia – many varieties of this one – even thrives in dry shallow rocky ground.
  • Lavender – not only smells amazing but loves heat, has become a Texas favorite.
  • Butterfly Weed – vibrant in color and very hardy – and really does attract butterflies!
  • Ornamental Grasses – great filler, and usually need very little attention.
  • Dipladenia – also knows as “little red riding hood” and “my fair lady”, depending on the color. This has been one of my favorites this summer, I hardly ever have to water it and it’s gorgeous!

For a more thorough list of gardening tips and plants visit one of my favorite sites – Gardner’s Supply Company.

Want to visit some local nursery’s for that Texas plant flair and some great advice?