To Paint or Not to Paint

To paint or not to paint the interior of your home, that’s the question.
Are you about to move into your new home? Putting your home on the market? Investing in your home and it needs a pick me up? Whatever the circumstance a fresh coat of paint can be an economical solution with a large pay off in the end.

What colors do I paint? How do I get out of my comfort zone without making a mistake in color choices that I will regret for days and years to come?

This is where a little research can be very useful – do more than pick up the latest Pottery Barn catalog and try to recreate the most popular pages – but really look at what is happening out there in the design world.

Decorating magazines can be a great source of inspiration – though in that instance your seeing someone elses room not yours. So how about focusing on the color inspiration itself.

According to the Paint Quality Institute (no I did not make that up) a great source of inspiration for colors is nature and food. That’s easy to believe – we are surrounded by both at all times, seems to reason it would influence what our eyes want to see. Below are some ideas taken from nature itself.

“What’s in Bloom?” – Seasonal Produce:seasonal

Our senses perk up at certain types of foods just by looking at them. Often we are drawn to the prettiest fruits and vegetables. Colors like vibrant greens, yellows and oranges draw us in. PQI refers to this as the “What’s in Bloom” color palette. They cause us to act and to create!

What’s in bloom decorating ideas: Citrus greens and yellows. Mango and apple reds. Fall colors such as eggplant and pumpkin orange.

How to incorporate in home: When using this palette focus on what stimulates you and what draws you in. Focus on the rooms that are paired with a stimulation of senses – kitchen, office, even your laundry room. These are areas you work in. Add with black trim or accents to add depth to the palette.

Nature – Comfort Palette:311-1219607619YcKp

Nature decorating ideas: For inspiration in this category look no further than a great sunrise or sunset. Another source of inspiration – your landscaping.
How to incorporate in home: When focusing on nature what you’re really focusing on is comfort. Focus on the rooms where you seek comfort in. Family living room, bathroom and bedroom. What part of nature brings you comfort?

And if you are putting your home on the market – just remember – not too bright not too flashy – but a white box really doesn’t attract much of anyone.

Sunrise Pallet

Sunrise Pallet

Sunset Pallet

Sunset Pallet