New Station and New Studio for Austin’s KUT

Austin’s public broadcasting station, KUT, launched a new radio station on January 2nd. KUT is now news and talk and the new KUTX is all music. They sort of took one great party and divided it into two. Of course there were a few that grumbled about the change, but for the most part many like being able to choose whether they want to dial into some music on their drive home, or listen to NPR News etc.

So some of you may not realize that KUT is also UT’s media education center and is located on UT’s west campus. Their studio and offices were pretty dated and they were outgrowing the space rapidly, I’m not sure how old the studio was but if I had to guess I’d say at least 1960’s? Anyway, this past year KUT opened it’s doors on it’s new building. The new building is located right next door to the old building on UT’s west campus.

KUTX Studio Visit

Today I was given a chance to go see one of my absolute favorite bands in KUTX’s (KUTX now being the music section) new studio. Now anyone that knows me knows I’m a NPR and KUT junkie! So this was a dream for me. To be able to see the new studio, see Calexico for free in a very intimate setting, and be apart of a live radio broadcast – heaven!

Sadly the band didn’t allow us to take photos of them, so the photos you see here are sans band. But being 3 feet away from them as they performed, and shaking their hands after, definitely made up for it.

Are you a fan of KUT and now KUTX? If so I highly recommend visiting the new building, it’s absolutely gorgeous! Huge improvement.

KUT Photos


  1. I wish you people would bring john a. back to the 9 till 12 spot . he is truly missed at this time! it sounds like kutx has become kgsr, It’s like you’ve changed the uniqueness of the great kut we miss and loved.

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