The Kenguru May Make Pflugerville its Home

Will the Kenguru make Pflugerville Texas it’s home of production? We anxiously await the results and hope it does! What is a Kenguru? Good question.

A few months ago I went to a friend of mine’s apartment for dinner, Stacey is an attorney in Austin and lives her life, quite successfully, in a wheelchair. When she was younger she had a van that incorporated the upper body to manage the vehicle, the limit of technology at that time kept the van from being completely safe and successful. Stacy has always wanted however, to own a car that she could drive on her terms. Living in downtown Austin has its advantages for her and she is able to go to work etc fairly easy. But there are times when the public transportation system falls short of her needs.

Many of us take for granted that if we need to run an errand or go to a friends house we can just hop in our cars and go. But for those that are in a wheel chair this isn’t even a possibility. This need and desire took Stacey to researching vehicles made for those in a wheel chair. She stumbled upon an Eastern European company that had indeed developed a car called the Kenguru pronounced Kangaroo.

After contacting the company she learned the project had been shelved due to lack of funding. Determined to bring her dream to fruition she contacted the company again and told them she wanted to make this happen, she would help raise money to bring this car to the public. The company was thrilled, and the project is now underway. Because of various city tax breaks, the production plant may be headed to Pflugerville! Not only will this project be a fantastic advancement in technology and many people’s lives, but will bring revenue and jobs to the Pflugerville / Austin area.

Recently Fox News covered the progression of this story, watch Stacy’s interview about the Kenguru.