Professionally cleaning a home when it sells, whose responsibility is it?

A home seller usually goes through quite a bit to get a home ready for the market. They organize, declutter, re arrange furniture and clean…lots of cleaning! And to them their house often looks better than it ever has. Often my clients will say, why didn’t we do this while we lived here so we could enjoy it? To them, it’s nearly perfect!

Enter Joe Buyer, the house is gorgeous, floor plan works well, love the neighborhood, oh these countertops are gorgeous, and look at all this natural lighting! It’s perfect, I’ll take it! They are excited and can’t wait to get moved in.

Then comes the day of closing and the sellers have moved out, cleaned up the house and the buyer is ready to do the walk through. But wait, the buyer exclaims, this house isn’t clean!!! But wait, the seller exclaims, it is clean, we did it ourselves! The buyer expected it to be professionally clean, the seller didn’t see the point in doing that and there was no mention of a professional cleaner verbally or written. Well, thought the buyer, we just assumed…

A buyer nor a seller should ever make assumptions when it comes to the home selling / purchasing process. Actions must be clearly stated in written form and agreed upon by all parties. In the Texas contract a buyer can expect to receive the property in the shape and condition it was in when they put the offer to purchase the property. If a buyer wants the home to be professionally cleaned this should be clearly stated in the contract. Most sellers are happy to oblige when they know what is expected of them. Just make sure it’s in writing!

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