Buying a Home in the Austin Texas Area

Brykerwoods Austin TexasBefore you jump in your car en route to your dream home, following a home buying plan can help keep roadblocks from keeping you from your dream.

– Find out what kind of loan and how much you can qualify for. This will help both you and I discover the amount of home you can afford.

– Get financial counseling to review your credit score and your budget.

-Find out what down payment assistance, tax credits or city programs may be available to you at the time.

-Discuss your home dreams and plans with your agent. A particular home may be fine today, but what about tomorrow?

Austin Real Estate Market – Buyer’s Tools and Resources.

Below are some tools to help you get an idea of what is currently happening in the Austin real estate market.

  • Now that the tax credit is gone, what’s the next big focus in housing? Interest rates! Find out how you can lock in your loan at the lowest possible rate, before they are on the rise. Contact me today!
  • Loan programs. I work with great lenders that provide some fantastic options to Veterans, first time home buyers, professionals, teachers and a variety of other buyers. Want to learn how you can avoid things like payment insurance, closing costs, high down payments? There are some plans out there. Are you a vet or a relative of one, it’s one of the only loans where you don’t have to put any money down? Let’s talk!
  • Mortgage Calculator – this is where you can plug in a variety of factors to see where you will stand financially once your home is bought.
  • Austin Home Search – Search the MLS right here, what homes are available in the areas and price point you desire.
  • Austin MLS Map – A bit confused with terms like area 4, SWW and 10S? Use this guide to help navigate through the multiple listing system.
  • Office Listings – a quick rundown of listings available in my office.
  • Custom Home Search – ready to contact me to set up a search directly geared towards your needs?
  • New Homes – Should we use a REALTOR when purchasing a home from a builder?
  • Foreclosures – listings for foreclosures is on the rise. Can you get a great deal? Possibly, but foreclosures aren’t for the faint of heart. They often take time and patience, and sometimes a little creativity.

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