Selling Your Home in the Winter, How to Compete with those Spring Sales

Are you selling your home in the fall or winter? Did the mere idea make you cringe with fear? I often have people shy away from listing in the winter months because they think they can’t get their home to have as good of curb appeal as a spring or summer listing. They are also under a huge misconception that buyers are shopping for homes in the fall and winter. Gladly I can say wrong on both accounts!

Buyers are indeed shopping in the fall and winter months. In fact I’m always busy during the fall and winter! And as far as buyer’s shopping and looking, check out Google Trends for the term Austin real estate, it’s pretty great to see that right after Christmas the house hunting begins with those online shoppers!

However, it is important to take a few EXTRA measures during the fall and winter months that those spring and summer sellers don’t have to think about. Here are a few things you can do to make sure your listing really pops during the colder and darker months ahead.

Spruce up your yard:

Mother nature does not turn her back on color durin

g the colder seasons. It just takes a bit more effort.

  • Rake your yard regularly, clear a path to the door and make sure those dead limbs and leaves don’t impede the beauty or safety of your home.
  • Clean your gutters, leaves gather and get wet then dump out on the yard in nasty wet piles, a bit of a turn off.
  • Add some fall and winter friendly plants to planters and the yard. There are some great plants such as mums and cyclamen that add color and coziness. In the winter months you can add a mixture of twigs and berries to pots for an even better landscaping feel. There are several ornamental grasses that come in gorgeous maroons that would be great as pot fillers and bed fillers.

Decorate Your Front Porch & Deck

Just because it’s a bit chilly outside and you aren’t hanging out on the deck, doesn’t mean you can’t create the vision for potential buyers.

Many times in the off season people cover their furniture and just let the back yard and deck go. This is a great time to uncover the grill, create an inviting seating area, even add a fire pit area! Really make them want to enjoy the home in these fall and winter months.

– Uncover the grill & and keep the patio / deck clean

-Display the patio furniture -add some potted plants

-Add lights to the patio & deck – decorate the patio & deck

Add Lighting, it Gets Darker Earlier You Know

Welcome potential buyers to your home by adding light to create warmth.

Imagine, it’s 6pm and you’re excited to see what could very well be your new home. You arrive at the house and all you see is a dark imposing structure devoid of any warmth or light. Not too exciting is it?

Welcome any buyers to your home by adding warmth with light. Add lighting to your pathway, front porch and back deck. If the home is vacant use solar powered lights. Also if the home is vacant or you cant get home in time to turn lights on, solar lights and / or light timers are a great way to go. It gets dark by 6pm which interferes with optimal showing times. And who wants to walk up to a dark and cold home. Create a warm inviting atmosphere with light.

Take Photos of Your Home in the Spring & Summer

Why not show buyers what the home looks like in the brighter greener days?

Take photos of your home in its best shape. You can even post those on the listing, as long as your honest and the photos are taken earlier that year and not 10 years ago.

Its easy to throw a sign in the yard and a few photos in the Austin MLS, the hard part is making your home stand out amongst the sea of competitors. With some creativity and hard work it is possible!