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Malita Jones came in to our lives through the recommendation of a previous colleague. My son decided to look in to buying his first home in October 2014 instead of renting again. He immediately connected with Malita and she spent many hours with him trying to figure out his wants and needs in a home. On their first day out viewing properties he put an offer in on a property that may have been in his price range but possibly overpriced. She cautiously guided him in the offer process and recommended a fair price even though it was higher than the asking price. There were multiple offers presented and he did not get the house due in part to the slow response from his mortgage lender.

Undaunted they both continued searching and we were always invited along for the ride – it was quite an education on the current housing market in Austin and quite fun. On the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend we all went out together again to view several properties and he again found a home that met all of his wants and needs. It had been on the market for awhile, needed some minor cosmetic upgrading and repair but was well within his budget so Malita recommended a fair offer price LESS than the asking price thinking there was room for countering.The seller accepted but this time Malita recommended her mortgage lender and with their expertise and the expertise of Malita he closed on December 29th, 2014 even with a week long family trip to Cancun for Christmas!!

Astounding to watch and experience an event like this being orchestrated by a competent, hard working and friendly professional. I would recommend Malita to anyone who is thinking of buying a home because her honesty and skill will get you into the home that you desire.

Heidi, mother of Steven who purchased his first home in 2014 and daughter purchased in 2016


I had the pleasure of working with Malita back in August. Malita was extremely knowledgable of the real estate market and made herself available as we viewed multiple houses before finding the perfect home. I know that I had more questions than the average client, but she was patient with me and answered everything I needed to know throughout the process. She was easy to contact and quick to return phone calls. The honesty and integrity Malita showed did not go unnoticed and without her guidance I would probably still be house hunting!! On top of her excellent service, she was also able to provide me with reliable sources once I found my home such as a great survey company and foundation repair company. I highly recommend Malita Jones to anyone looking to buy or sell a home as she is one of the best in the business.

Mike, Purchased 2013


Last summer when we decided to sell our home in Cedar Park we knew right away we would call Malita Jones with Sky Realty. Malita was our realtor when we bought our first home and we had an awesome experience with her services.

While our home was on the market she kept in touch with us, always making sure our needs were being met. Malita is not only a great realtor but she has a great sense of humor and gets to know her clients on a personal level. We never feel like we are “bothering” her when we call and she is always quick to call us back when returning a phone call.

Once we got a firm offer on our home we were selling she jumped in very quickly and helped us with the whole selling process. When we were looking for a new home she was great with helping us make appointments to view homes and working with other realtors. At times when my husband and I seemed unsure about a home she would offer up ideas and always seemed to help put things in perspective for us. Malita clearly knows what she is doing and helps her clients see the big picture when needed.

I do remember this one particular house my husband and I were looking at. It was clearly out of our “budget” and was more like a dream house than a realistic home for us. We found ourselves walking around this house trying to figure out how we could  afford a house like that. She stepped in and reminded us of how easy it would be to get into a house that is way more than we could afford and end up way over our head in the long run. She could have easily tried to get us into a house that was out of our price range but instead she reminded us that the last thing we wanted to do was end up hating our house and want out in a year or two. Not only does that make her a great realtor but a good friend.

We just love the house we ended up buying and have no regrets what so ever.

I am very grateful for having worked with Malita and will recommend her services to anyone looking to buy or sell.

Mike & Kim, Purchased and Sold in 2010

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