Whole Foods Domain Austin

Whole Foods The Domain is set to finally open January 15th. Austinites have been waiting for this day for a while. What’s the big deal? Well the population of North Austin has grown a bit since Whole Foods at the Arboretum opened, they are busting at the seams!Whole Foods The Domain

The new store is a great addition to a growing area, and the popularity of The Domain makes it a convenient spot for many. The store at the Arboretum all stay open, though they are closing for about a month and then re opening.

I was able to go to a little preview party and check the new store out. I liked it, more floor space for one, and a really cool bar in the middle with loads of beers on tap was a good feature. Some of the standards are there, like a juice bar and bbq area. A few new additions are at this store though including an oyster bar an a Ramen cafe.

The store opens on January 15th and does offer garage parking as well as a parking lot. There are multiple spaces for enjoying your food or drink as well as some outdoor spots for music and lounging.

Whole Foods Domain Austin

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