Wimberley Home Before and After

15 Par View, Woodcreek TX 78676
MLS # 3985266
Par View Village

Near Wimberley

Currently Offered at $159,000

Looking to remodel your own home, here’s some inspiration. A do it yourself project that turned out fantastic!

When I first listed this home I decided to get a little creative and post a couple of before and after pics on my facebook wall. I love before and afters, and this home deserves to be spotlighted for its before and after. I should know, I helped them buy the before!

I remember when I showed the current owners homes in Wimberley. We saw several really cute houses that would do just fine, now granted this was their first home, the starter home if you will, so it didn’t have to be perfect. This is the house that they are going to sell in a few years for the stepping stone house. The stepping stone house is the house that’s almost perfect but a few features short of the dram home that comes next.

So we stumbled into this subdivision called Par View, it felt like a cute little vacation home community, which is what it originally was in the 70’s when it was developed. And found this two story house on Par View for sale. We were more curious than anything, the MLS photos were ambiguous at best, only a front picture and a back picture. In my world that means one of two thing, either the REALTOR is really lazy or the inside is atrocious.

We quickly voted atrocious as the culprit. There were no floors for one! Two the kitchen made my first apartment in college look like the Trump Mansion. And three, did I mention there were no floors, ok three – it screamed 1970s’!

So here we were looking at this throw back from 1970 that someone had ambitiously gutted and left and I thought, oh geeze we need to move on. But not my buyers, both are artists by the way. They took one look at it and said, we can do something with this, we’ll think on it.

And so they did. They literally transformed this home into a gorgeous dwelling. With both being artist and both being some of the most resourceful people I know, it was great to watch the transformation. From gutting the kitchen to stumbling upon an entire supply of bamboo wood floor for practically free and so on.

And now it’s time to move on, to that second home! The photos don’t really do the home justice, you see it all the time “must see to appreciate” but it really is true. When they remodeled the kitchen they had to modify the third bedroom. So now there isn’t a closet in that room making it technically a two bedroom home. But that third room could easily be a bedroom if need be. The home would also be a fantastic vacation home being that it’s in a great vacation area.

In regards to the kitchen. They installed cabinetry that is perfect for those that don’t like to reach up high for storage, or they are unable. The storage consists of deep pull out drawers. The stainless steel appliances are LG, and made to go in this kitchen. The fridge is flush with the counter tops, which you don’t always see. The vent hood has an actual exhaust, not one of those micro vents filters that some homes have. They have plans to tile the kitchen, they were originally going to leave it the stained concrete but there is a spot giving them trouble in the staining department, so travertine tile it is. It’s the same tile they used in the bathrooms and I really like it. It almost looks like travertine bricks, very cute.

For more information or details on 15 Par View contact me, I’d be happy to tell you about this property and others that are on the market.